Friday, 20 February 2015

Botanical Cafe King's Park

Warm afternoon. Bicycle to King's Park. Cafe at the top of hill. Free ice and filtered water. Heaven!!!

 Try ordering the uncomplicated items not on the menu. Strawberry tart with a green boost juice to get the carbs into the system. $7 for the tart and $6.5 for the juice.
 Sausage roll for $12. Lovely warm and giant sausage in it with herbs and thyme.
 Meat pie with chunks of beef and nice juicy filling. $12 and not on the menu. Have to order from counter.
Pizza for $22. Crunchy and thick crust. Lots of olives but not alot of meat. Anyhow fills the muscles with carbs for the ride home.

There had been some complaints about quality of the food on urbanspoon. However, there is plenty of food to order that is not on the menu like the pie and sausage roll. These were pricey but they tasted good after the long bike ride. They, cafe operators, probably pay a premium price for being located at such a wonderful venue.

Read "Swim, Bike, Run - Eat" by Tom Holland and Amy Goodson. It is a guide to fuelling a triathlon. I enjoyed reading the chapter on the Olympic Triathalon with the 1.5km swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run.

A good place to read the book would be with a cup of coffee at the botanical cafe with the view of Perth City.

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