Sunday, 10 May 2015

Cocos 2 South Perth

Sunday night dinner in South Perth. No other eateries in vicinity open.

Crispy skin fried salmon with a lime compote. 3 colleagues looking for a spot to have a meeting with a meal. The buttery fish seemed to complement the tangy sweet lime compote. Maybe not for all cultural palates.

Sunday night atmosphere in Cocos. Beautiful Maitre D in tights showed us to the table.
The engine room of the restaurant.

Spicy fried squid with bean sprouts. Yummy.

We did not stay for desserts. One of our colleagues had a cappucino and Bailey's Irish Cream for $10.

The rain was pelting down outside. We were warm and cosy inside. Street parking was free from 6pm. This is our second posting for Coco's. The first was on having breakfast at Coco's.