Monday, 17 November 2014

Sergeants Mess Sydney 2014

What a fantastic setting for a wedding.A little bit of chic.

Music from the quartet.

View from the restaurant & function centre. 

The place Sergeants Mess in Sydney.

The food. Giant black tortellini alternating with pork belly as the starters. The prawn fritters served as horsdouveres were crisp and delicious.

Salmon alternating with lamb.

Wedding cake desert with ice cream. Moist rich wedding cake.

More deserts if you were still hungry.

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Our accommodation at Meriton world square in Sydney. See Just below it was world square with a 24 hour coles and a late night asian grocery shop. Also lots of retail and shopping.

Room views at 72nd floor. Darling Harbour.
 The Chinese Gardens from 72nd floor apartment.

3 bedroom apartment for about $700 per night.

The middle room.

Night life and buskers outside the Meriton. Energy and lots of party left in the crowd.
The 25 meter lap pool on the 62 floor. 40 laps for a 1 kilometer swim. Then 5 minutes in the sauna throught the door seen in the middle of the pool photo.

View of the Sydney Tower from the pool.

The price of petrol in Sydney while we were there. This was good for the people mover for all the people who attended the wedding from out of town. 
The wines we drank. Looking horizontal after too many bottles.

The view from the gym on the 61st floor. Mainly running and cycling machines and no weights.

 The ambulance on George St rushing to save us from overindulgence. On the Saturday morning whilst going to buy breakfast. near Chinatown
 Foyer of the QT hotel where brother stayed for the wedding. Even more Chic and wooden floors. About $400 to start for a junior suite. See

The fire engine turning away from George St. Something you don't want to see when you are on the 72nd floor.