Sunday, 26 October 2014

Rockpool Perth

Casino haute cuisine. Seared T-bone steak at Crown Casino Perth.

The Tbone aged for 36 months was a gem for $55. Raw fish crudo - $32. With lashings of chili oil. Served with flawless quiet service throughout the meal. See

Octopus Salad $24.  Well itemised menu with lots of choices.

Pork Belly & Squid $28. Dripping with olive oil and lots of shallots or onions.

Sirloin aged fro 36 months for $55 - seared. Crusty outside and juicy inside.

White Asparagus - juicy and sweet for $18. 

Sauteed mushrooms were yummy for $55

Ratatouille for $12 - moist and melts in your mouth with tomato and other greens.

The kitchen the engine room of the restaurant, Very buuusssy onnnn Sunday night.

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During the evening everyone ate alot of seared meat. Some learned authorities question the health implications of having food that is tinged with carbon. For example from BBQ and extreme lava hot sizziling hot plates or nuclear stir fries. The evidence appears to be equivocal for the moment but see this article at 

  • Burnt or barbecued foods – a group of carcinogenic substances called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) can be produced if foods are overheated or burnt. Although charred or smoked foods could contain traces of PAHs, experts agree that the amount in the average Australian diet is too low to be considered a significant cancer risk. However, when cooking, it’s best to use relatively low temperature methods wherever possible, and limit your intake of char-grilled meats and foods. Low-temperature cooking methods include steaming, boiling, poaching, stewing, casseroling, braising, baking and microwaving or roasting.