Saturday, 24 January 2015

Sitella Perth

We attended a wedding at Sitella a winery with restaurant. Picturesque setting.

It is about a 45 minute drive from Perth. There was the 3 course menu for $100 per person. Menus were available for those who had nut allergies. Orders were taken for mains.

The chicken was cold on a bed of Waldorf salad. There were some walnuts. The crust tasted like tandoori and was also cold. Ok for a hot day.

The snapper was excellent. It sat on a tower of cauliflower and mashed potatoes. The fish was filling and not overcooked.

The lamb was juicy and tender. It went well with the red wine. If I was not trying to monitor my diet would have gone for this.

The dark chocolate was buttery with a hint of bitterness. The crust was also lace with chocolate. It went well with the vanilla ice cream and cream. There were some strands of what seemed liked either agar or rice noodles. It looked like coconut but did not taste like it.

There were Sitella wines on the menu. As we were attending a wedding with colleagues we chose not to have any alcohol. The organisers hired a bus for those who were travelling.

The venue was excellent for the wedding. There was plenty of water for the hot day. Ample space for any kids to run around. There was also a dance floor and DJ who selected some good songs.

Good place for a wedding. The whole restaurant was booked out for 15 tables.

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