Friday, 17 April 2015

Hokkaido Dairy Farm Kowloon

Scrambled eggs, ham and toast Hong Kong style via Hokkaido?

Ok for quick and easy breakfast. Inexpensive. See for other locations and more glorious pictures.

There 8 of us and we managed to find seating quite easily. This is no mean feat if you know Kowloon and the size of most inexpensive eateries around there.

One guy came in and ordered an egg all by itself. No doubt an expatriate who could not cook for himself.

On our table someone ordered green tea cappucino. Not recomended if you want a taste or caffeine fix.

The bill with the address of the and phone details. The upside is there is no queue which you get when visiting the Australian Milk and  Diary co the Kowloon breakfast Mecca for those wanting scrambled eggs in Hong Kong. When we last tried to visit Aussie Co there was a queue that stretched for 2 blocks.

Hokkaido in TST is the easy and convenient alternative. No queues no long waits and no tourist. It is mainly for locals and expats living around the area in this TST branch in Kowloon.