Saturday, 19 July 2014

Penfolds Grange Australia

An iconic Australian wine.

20th July is the 3rd time I was fortunate enough to sample this red wine at a dinner hosted by JL. It was worth listening to the speech by JL to drink this wine.  Beef cheeks slow cooked for 4 hours really brought out the flavours in the wine.

My first taste of this wine was at a steak dinner hosted by my Scottish colleague AM.

The complexity of the wine 1993 Grange played a symphony on my taste buds. In comparison to my first tasting many years ago with AM this was a much smoother vintage.

The second time I drank Grange was at an overseas business dinner hosted by TL. Where there was not 1 but 2 bottles of the red delight. This was ordered as a gesture to the Australians who were guests at the dinner. I managed to get 2 glasses.

The wine was purchased from Vintage Cellars in Perth. website The prices are between $600 to $750 for 750ml depending on whether you buy 1 bottle or a dozen.

Alcohol hasten our attendance at the toilet by pushing more fluid through the kidneys. Some suggestions on how to avoid a busting bladder from

1. Don't drink too much tea or coffee at the restaurant as caffeine can make you pass more urine. If you already drank wine. Go easy on the sweet drinks as nutra sweet and lots of sugar makes you pass water.
2. Watch what you eat. Weight gain puts fat into your pelvic floor muscles possibly weakening the muscles. 
3. Avoid smoking as nicotine has been linked to urinary incontinence.  
4. Keep active as this will keep your abdominal & pelvic muscles fit and functioning. 
5. Try not to strain especially when you are constipated. See your health practitioner on how to overcome this. Too much straining in the toilet may weaken your muscles in the pelvic floor that can cause bladder incontinence