Saturday, 28 March 2015

Grill'd Claremont

Burger in Claremont quarter before army cadet camp Northam. New low carb and healthy bun.

 We ordered crispy bacon burger and chips in the traditional bun. It had double the carbs. The CRISPY BACON & CHEESE for $13.5 with Grilled grass fed lean beef, crispy trim bacon, tasty cheese, salad, relish & herbed mayo. 2830 kJ per burger.

The new low fat carb bun makes a difference. The chips were crunchy with lots of salt. The army dude needed a burger fix before the camp rations for the weekend training camp.

The carb content of all the buns above. We ordered takeway. it was a 10 minute wait and the staff were quick with the order. Suggested that we should order 2 serves of chips for the army dude but he needed to keep the weight down for the camp.

Busy Kitchen. There was a queue forming for the burgers at 11am. Quite a rush for the morning.

Rushing around with the food. Burgers two in hand. Served in rectangle plate. News papers available to read while waiting for the food. Army dude was hungry.

The calorie counter with 1100 kJoule per bun. Available at

Don't forget to get Grill'd burgers for army dudes before their camp.

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