Sunday, 14 September 2014

Little Pantry Shenton Park

Hot chocolate time. Cosy place on Nicholson road. See

$4.5 for this warm comfort. Then off to power training and maybe a little bit of strength training. The cafe serves a special coffee which is articulated in their webpage above.

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See strength and power training at Harvard Health on Strength and Power training
By lifting free weights the muscles will become stronger and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and even diabetes by burning fuel that would be converted to fat if not burnt up. Power is the extra speed which you can get if you quicken your movements. It allows you to walk across the road faster to dodge moving cars or jump out of the way of falling objects. It is never to late to increase your muscle mass and reduce fat infiltration in your muscles. The articles gives an example of old people who do weights then stop. The amount of fat in the muscle increases and weakens the muscles.