Saturday, 7 December 2013

Clancys Fish Pub Canning Bridge, Perth.

Fish & chips in a pub? 

Beer and seafood too. Nice way to start a simple summer  evening. After a healthy swim see below.
Grilled Fish & Chips (鱼和薯条) about $13
Seafood Platter (海鲜板). Enough for two. 

No calorie counter required. Go to the beach for a swim before the meal.  

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Swimming is beneficial for the heart and lungs. See Harvard updates/take-the-plunge-for-your-heart. They quote a study of 40 000 men aged between 20 to 90. Over a period of 13 years 2 % of the swimmers died, 8% of the runners died, 9% of the walkers died and 11% of sedentary men died. Swimming is easy on the joints so more tolerable for individuals with arthritis in weight bearing joints. There is also the relaxing side to swimming with the lapping of the water and the meditative effects of the constant rhythmic activity. Some weight bearing exercise needs to be done though to keep the bones strong.