Friday, 27 December 2013

Veggie Mama Perth WA - burning the tofu!

Veggies galore with hot and cold dishes. Including a veggie burger bar. I try to bicycle burn calories this time for the tofu. See our calculations after the meal - are we successful?

Provides gluten free, egg free and dairy free food. See

We tried the burger bar the last time we were here. This time with 2 other kosher vegetarians we decided to have the hot food. I rode my bicycle to the restaurant which took about 15 minutes.

The restaurant was not crowded at 12 on a Friday. After we were seated and had ordered from the food bar the people started coming in. We took our order number to the table and one of our fellow diners seemed to know everyone who came to the restaurant and was greeted repeatedly, in a nice way, by other restaurant diners.

Our conversation settled on how to treat rotator cuff injuries causing shoulder pain. See the New York Times article on shoulder pain and exercises for rotator cuff tears at New York Times on shoulder pain.

Back to the food. I had the tofu, shoulder pain had the ratatouille and knee pain had the quiche. 


                       Tofu and mushrooms with pumpkin and quinoa salad.

We estimate the tofu (fried) had about 250 calories, mushroom had 50 calories with about 150 calories from the quinoa & pumpkin salad giving a total of 450 calories as a very rough guide.


With the quiche we had a blueberry smoothie. This seemed to go well with the slight peppery spice of the tofu. Knee pain and shoulder pain had lattes and cappuccinos.

The bill came to a healthy $60 for the 3 of us. On average a main meal with a salad cost about $17 and a coffee about $4. The smoothie was $8.

Rode the bicycle back to work so that wiped out a couple more calories and made the hearty and healthy meal worthwhile. 15 minute ride from HQ to get there and 50 minutes to get back to site office that burns of 400 to 600 calories depending on your weight.  Enough to burn of my tofu with the quinoa salad. 

Definitely worth another trip back and maybe we talk about knee pain next......

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