Saturday, 15 March 2014

"Take a Bao" at Century City Los Angeles

Open faced Bao. 

Nice American touch to a traditional Chinese staple. 

The open faced bao is a little pocket - sort of a pillow shaped burrito. The pastry is still the same light steamed slightly sweet yeast raised steamed bun. Not as heavy as those pastries which have an oil base or are fried. 

Must try for fusion foodies. Two Bao with Salad for USD 10.  Check out their site Two food outlets in LA.  

Have to be careful not to let the fillings in the Bao drop out. 

Also tried their Udon noodles USD10. I enjoyed the open faced Bao and the fusion salad. Chinese food purist might be turned off. 

We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel Century City about 15 mins walk away. See

It was a beautiful winter morning in LA. There is a petite little gym under a gazebo in the hotel which is worth a visit for some yoga and stretching. A small selection of weights and some aerobic machines. 

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