Saturday, 14 June 2014

Matsuri Perth

Sushi in QV1. Close to CBD. No dairy in dinner tonight see tips below on improving bone strength.

Sashimi $24.

Great eels Una Don $23.90. Smoky and rich. 

Chicken katsu $18.90. 

And tempura $18.90 too. 

Don't forget the healthy salads with miso. 

All together $150 for 5 diners on a Friday evening. No alcohol or desert so can't complain. 

To improve your bone strength if you are younger then 65 years old:

1. Do weight bearing exercise such as walking, aerobics and jogging.
2. Monitor your diet to include calcium and vitamin D.
3. Limit your alcohol intake and avoid smoking.
4. If you are female don't drop your body weight too much too quickly as loss of regular periods reduce oestrogen production that helps strengthen bones.
5. Talk to your doctor about celiac disease - if present can reduce your bone strength

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